Friday, June 26, 2009

More Serious Than Realized

Last year's 2 June post was a serious misrepresentation of the true condition of my health. Shortly thereafter, I had a total physical collaspe that resulted in six weeks in intensive care units in two different hospitals, followed by an additional two weeks in a regular ward. This was the result of a massive staph infection that had damaged my heart valves. It was also discovered that I had terminal Stage IV lung cancer that had spread to my liver and spleen. At one point, it was the common opinion of the attending doctors that I should be moved to a hospice and be made comfortable until the end. I rejected that road. After improving, I spent a month at a rehab house regaining weight (I had lost 50 pounds) and relearning to walk.

The following ten months of chemotherapy have left me tired, but have extended my life. I have accepted my fate - with my focus towards spending my time with my family and grandchildren - which I hope you will understand.

Meanwhile, attacks against the Indian peoples rain down in torrents spewed forth by both the private and governmental sectors. Thankfully, there are American Indian activists and their non-Indian friends who continue the battle to protect the American Indian peoples, histories. and cultures. We owe them all a great debt!

I apologize for the lack of immediate responses to any messages or comments directed to his blog. I'll try to catch up, as my health allows. I'll also attempt to address some of the vomit projected by those who wish to destroy the American Indians and masquerade in their place. Hopefully, some of the information given will continue to educate and help readers to protect themselves from being scammed.

For those who still pop in from time to time, thank you!

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